Combat knife


A huge combat knife with a clasp point cutting edge. The blade utilizes a quick swing wounding and cutting movement when utilized. The weapon can be changed with either a serrated cutting edge to expand the harm, or a stealth sharp edge to increment both the harm and the sneak assault harm adding 0.6 to the player's current stealth multiplier. The stealth edge change additionally turns the sharp edge dark. The combat knife is a scuffle weapon in Fallout 4.


Pickman's Blade, found in Pickman Gallery.


  • Underneath the bed with the skeleton and mannequin lying on it in the Concord Speakeasy.
  • The Shamrock Taphouse, two are by the leader of a dead pilgrim stuck to a divider, on the second floor. Another is on a pool table straightforwardly opposite the pioneer.
  • In the shack, underneath the interstate close Outpost Zimonja.
  • Found in the blessing shop at Walden Pond, sticking a note to the divider.
  • Found in Gladys' room in the Sandy Coves Convalescent Home.
  • Purchased with book return tokens at the book return terminal at Revere Beach station.
  • One is cut into a table inside the path station along the prepare tracks west of Hangman's Alley.
  • In a little building possessed by super mutants only west of Goodneighbor, on the main floor on a counter close to the dead mutt.
  • Numerous knifes might be found in Kendall Hospital, in the wake of taking the lift up to the 6th floor, one will be wounded into a table in the space to one side of the assault rifle turret. Two more will be on a little table in the nursery range promote in. Another might be found in the field zone, in the wake of climbing some wooden stairs it will be on a table alongside a lead pipe.
  • On a flame broil in the back yard of a house sitting above Concord. Travel east from the brahmin remains with the bloodbugs.

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